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Dr. Luis Pacheco, M.D.


Hello All! What a trip I had to Costa Rica! I am writing to say this was truly one of the finest experiences I have ever had. Costa Rica is beautiful and I can’t say enough about Dr. Pacheco and his staff. Everyone took perfect care of me. The staff and nurses were truly professional, and my surgery was flawless. To say that I am pleased with the way things came out would be an understatement. The results are perfect in every way. For anyone wishing to have the very best doctor, I strongly recommend Dr. Pacheco for your plastic surgery. I travel quite a bit, and my Costa Rica trip was an exceptionally pleasant trip. The country is beautiful and people are very friendly. I had a thigh lift as well as an arm lift and I am very happy to say that my new “trimmer” look is perfect. The patience and care Dr. Pacheco gave me was exactly right for me and I am very happy with my new appearance.

j McD., Providence, RI

About 6 weeks ago, I wrote to Dr. Pacheco regarding a face lift and neck lift, I immediately received a detailed response with prices and all the information I needed to make a decision and I knew right away that I had made the right decision. And, everything turned out great. Dr. Pacheco performed a perfect operation and I am thrilled with the way I look. During the pre-surgery consultation, he answered all of my question to my complete satisfaction and explained in detail what his surgical approach would be in my circumstances. His kindness and calm demeanor showed me why he was president of the plastic surgery association in Costa Rica and is so much in demand, yet he made me feel like I was the only one in the world that mattered. I was so happy he was my doctor. My face looks much younger and natural looking now that the swelling has gone down and it has changed my whole attitude. I am acting now as young as I look and feel. The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn was where I stayed and I cannot believe what a wonderful, caring staff they have. The place is beautiful and very relaxing. The nurses were all registered nurses and at the top of their fields, and the personal care was exceptional. It was my home away from home and I can’t wait to go back. For those thinking about surgery, Dr, Pacheco is the perfect choice for you.

T. W. Boise, ID

Dear. Dr. Pacheco, I’m sending this note to say thank you with all of my heart for what you have done for me. My surgery is wonderful and I had an absolutely fantastic time in Costa Rica. As you know, I had a complete mommy makeover from top to bottom and my “new” body is incredible. I look in the mirror and I can’t believe my eyes. That’s a really beautiful woman looking back at me. My trip was perfect. The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn representative met me at the airport and their incredible staff took perfect care of me the whole time I was there. The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn is a beautiful luxury inn located just a 5 minute walk to San José’s largest park and is an absolutely terrific place to recover after surgery. They took care everything…appointments, transportation, medical care…everything. The luxury rooms and premises are just gorgeous and their meals were out of this world. Delicious! Dr. Pacheco, I want you to know that you and your assistants took excellent care of me, and I am forever grateful. And, thank you for the low price. As you said, the prices in Costa Rica were dramatically lower than the U.S. and I could never have afforded the surgery here in L.A. I look forward to returning for more “improvements” soon. Thank you again for everything.

M. C., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Pacheco, how are you? Greetings from New York City! Just an update to let you know that I’m looking and feeling great. You are the best doctor I can imagine and my nose job and eyelid lift look spectacular. I don’t look like my old self at all. Thank you all that you have done. I will send you pictures of my chest and abdomen soon because I am thinking of liposuction and other fine tuning to trim me down and go with my new face. I look forward to returning. Thank you for everything.

M. J. New York City, NY

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